Company Profile

De Simone Ltd. has been – for over 50 years – helping clients meet their goals by delivering high end construction projects of every kind. From the very beginning of a project to its handing over, De Simone Ltd. maintains the highest standards of management and workmanship. Projects are staffed with the most experienced and highly qualified construction experts. De Simone Ltd. only approaches and makes use of the most qualified and reliable subcontractors whose experience meets the demands of the projects they are requested to work on.

De Simone’s clients receive the benefit of the full spectrum of the Company’s combined experience and expertise: should any questions or problems arise during construction, the Company willingly addresses the issues at hand in order to solve any specific matters and assist the client as necessary. This personalised service means that De Simone’s clients receive the finest quality workmanship and the most efficient performance available on the market, in keeping with the client’s highest expectations.

Our History

De Simone Ltd. was established in 1964 by Giovanni De Simone. Initially based in Accra, the company experienced rapid growth during the nineties which necessitated a move to larger premises in Tema capable of housing all machinery and management personnel. During this period, De Simone Ltd. was responsible for the construction of several of Ghana’s most recognisable buildings including:

  • Kaneshie Market
  • Equip Building
  • Valco Trust House
  • Tobacco House
  • High Court
  • Achimota Brewery
  • Domestic Terminal, Airport, Ghana Civil Aviation Authority

In the 2000’s, under the direction of its current Managing Director, Enrico De Simone, the company began its expansion into the rest of West Africa. Initially starting with De Simone B.F. S.A. to oversee the company’s projects in Burkina Faso, a branch in Lagos was soon established under the name Monterosa Constructions Ltd. Finally, De Simone Liberia Ltd. was established to monitor the company’s operations in Liberia.

Mission Objectives

As one of West Africa’s leading construction companies, De Simone Ltd. strives to maintain and improve its performance levels even further, by delivering an outstanding service to all of its clients, be them corporate, governmental or private citizens. De Simone Ltd. is well known for its excellent workmanship and on time delivery dates, elements too often lightheartedly overlooked in today’s construction business. De Simone’s mission is to meet all of the clients’ needs to all of the clients’ requirements.

Furthermore, De Simone Ltd. wishes to offer an increasing number of its services to clients in other West African countries: with projects completed in Niger, Mali and with several works now under way in Burkina Faso, the Company is branching out to clients who wish to access the same level of service offered to the competitive and demanding Ghanaian market. Thanks to its extensive and modern fleet of vehicles and machinery and to the multi-cultural and international experience of its staff, De Simone Ltd. is capable of reaching clients across several countries of western, sub-saharan Africa, giving clients peace of mind with regards to the execution of their projects.


The De Simone group of companies is structured into nine departments, each headed by its own Manager. In turn, each Manager answers to the Managing Director. These departments are:

  • Projects
  • Finance
  • Haulage and Mines Services
  • Procurement and Stores
  • Mechanical workshop
  • Carpentry workshop
  • Eastern Quarries Ltd.
  • Monolo Plant Ltd.
  • De Simone Burkina Faso

The Company’s main activity, projects execution, is headed by the Projects Manager who, in turn, supervises the Quantity Surveying and Estimating department, the Planning and Programming department and the Projects Construction sector. In turn, each of these sectors are manned by qualified and experienced personnel with years of experience in the construction industry.

We serve the small and the very huge organisations and we’re ready for your next project.