De Simone Limited

De Simone Limited

De Simone Ltd is the group’s flagship company and is responsible for some of the biggest and most influential construction projects in Ghana and other West African countries, including Niger, and Mali. De Simone Ltd relies on over four decades of experience and expertise in civil construction to offer its clients a service committed to quality, health and safety while fulfilling their program and budget commitments.

The Company has completed projects ranging from gold mines, multistory buildings, factories and warehouses, apartment complexes, house renovations and many other mass concrete structures. It has undertaken and completed jobs in every corner of Ghana as well as Mali, Niger. Furthermore, with the assistance of the other companies within the De Simone group, it can boast of multiple completed projects in Nigeria, Burkina Faso and Liberia. Utilising our broad reach and vast experience, the company and its affiliates is capable of taking on projects in other countries within the African continent.

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