De Simone Group Of Companies

De Simone Group can boast of almost 50 years of experience in civil,
mining, residential and commercial construction all over West Africa.

De Simone Ltd is the group’s flagship company and is responsible for some of the biggest and most influential construction projects in Ghana and other West African countries, including Niger, and Mali. De Simone Ltd relies on over four decades of experience and expertise in civil construction to offer its clients a service committed to quality, health and safety while fulfilling their program and budget commitments.

The Company has completed projects ranging from gold mines, multistory buildings, factories and warehouses, apartment complexes, house renovations and many other mass concrete structures. It has undertaken and completed jobs in every corner of Ghana as well as Mali, Niger. Furthermore, with the assistance of the other companies within the De Simone group, it can boast of multiple completed projects in Nigeria, Burkina Faso and Liberia. Utilising our broad reach and vast experience, the company and its affiliates is capable of taking on projects in other countries within the African continent.

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Projects by Company

Monterosa Constructions Ltd. is a fully registered civil construction company in Nigeria. It was established in Lagos in January 2009. It is part of the ever growing De Simone group of companies and is part of the expansion that saw the establishement of branches in both Burkina Faso and Liberia as well.

Monterosa began its first project, the new Nestle Factory at Shagamu, Ogun State covering an area of 168,000m², on the 21st of July, 2009. Since that time, Monterosa has been contracted for several more projects across the country, and is fast becoming one of Nigeria’s most trusted names in the construction industry.

Projects by Company

De Simone Burkina Faso S.A. is a branch of the group based in the West African country of Burkina Faso. De Simone Burkina Faso focuses mainly on residential and industrial civil construction: however, as an independent construction company and thanks to its ties to the De Simone group of companies, De Simone BF is capable of offering its individual clients tailored services ranging from construction to transport and plant hire, depending on the client’s needs.

De Simone BF has undertaken several projects that range from mining to the construction of the new US Embassy to the construction of the cultural center in Bobo-Dioulasso.

Projects by Company

As part of De Simone’s recent expansion across West Africa, we have established De Simone Liberia Ltd. to be the groups representative in Liberia. This along with the establishment of companies in Burkina Faso and Nigeria, to go along with our head office in Ghana gives De Simone Group a sizeable presence across West Africa.

De Simone Ltd.’s strong ties with its clients has assured many repeat business projects which shows a demonstration of the trust the clients have in the company. An example of this repeat business and trust was the awarding of the US Embassy contract in Monrovia to De Simone Liberia to complete as its first job. This follows on from the successful completion of US Embassies in both Ghana and Burkina Faso by De Simone Ltd. and De Simone Burkina Faso S.A respectively.

Projects by Company

Eastern Quarries Ltd. is a supply company, providing individual clients and other companies in the group a wide range of granite chippings and road bases, pre formed concrete structures and cement blocks. Eastern Quarries -located at Shai Hills- is one of the biggest quarries in Ghana with an estimated resource life of over one hundred and fifty years. With three crushing plants operating ten hour shifts, Eastern Quarries can easily cater for the requirements of the De Simone NYGoodHealth Group, as well as meeting the needs of numerous other clients.

Aside from the main sales yard, Eastern Quarries operates two other sales yards located in strategic areas of Accra, allowing customers to purchase what they need closer to their base. Eastern Quarries Ltd. offers a number of pre-formed concrete pipes and curb structures as well as cement building blocks and paving blocks, which can be tailored to the size and colour of the customers’ choice.

Monolo Plant Ltd. owns two computer-controlled batching plants, one ‘dry mix’ and one ‘wet mix’ which produce ready mixed concrete to clients’ specifications. The batching plants in Tema are capable of supplying up to 120 cubic metres per hour. Monolo Plant Ltd. also has several batching plants that are for hire to clients, together with all machinery needed such as trucks, mixers and tippers. The company also provides lab and testing facilities on site in order to ensure the quality and consistency of the concrete.

Our fleet of over thirty mixer trucks supplies premix concrete within a 200 sq km radius of Tema, covering 50% of Ghana’s urban commercial area. This facility, combined with concrete pump trucks (up to 51 metres), cranes (up to 100 tonnes), tipper trucks and numerous other site vehicles ensure that Monolo Plant Ltd. can deliver unmatched quality concrete to all sites and heights.

De Simone Mining Services focuses its efforts on contractual mining and ore haulage. With over 70 pieces of plant machinery ranging from tipper trucks to excavators, graders, rollers, water tankers and bulldozers, De Simone Mining is capable of offering its clients the complete mining package. Its fleet of tipper trucks are all road legal therefore allowing De Simone to transport ore on public roads for the benefit of some clients.

Moreover, its back up plant allows De Simone Mining to maintain Haul Roads to the clients’ exacting standards, when required. As part of its fleet, De Simone Mining owns a number of low loaders and flat bed trailers that allow an easy distribution of machinery between sites and jobs, giving clients the best service available and using the relevant equipment on any required job.

Operating in ivory Coast since 2000 by renting spatialized equipment.
Fleets with expert operators of mobile cranes that range from 75 to 130 tones with all required supplements and assistance. All plant and equipment required for major earthwork operations.
De Simone CI is moving into civil construction.

We serve the small and the very huge organisations and we’re ready for your next project.